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Praja rajyam….Preme Lakshyam–Seve Margam

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Here is the Flag of PRAJA RAJYAM – “Preme Lakshyam–Seve Margam”

Hoisted by a Handicapped…… as said by great Chiru…. its going to be big hit

Party Name : Praja Rajyam

Tag Line : “Preme Lakshyam – Seve Margam”

There is an Anthem for the party and Flag. Flag has red SUN with white background below green border.

Flag description :  Sun rise is the symbol. There are 24 rays to the sun in the flag which denotes  spreading the energy and light of sun throughout 24 hours. Red color of sun is symbol of change. White background is the mixture of vibgyor which represents people from all castes. The green streak indicates farmers. The yellow line around sun represents the smile that we will bring on the faces of every citizen. Red, White and Green represent Hindu, Christian and Muslims. Hence we are equally good for all the religions.

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