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Questions in Adobe Tests n Interviews – Part 3

Questions in Adobe Tests n Interviews – Part 3

This is the third part of the posts on Interview Questions n Tests @ Adobe..  

QE or Test Engineer Placement Questions:
Some of the questions that are given in the written test for QEs. All these are asked in the QE paper so far.
i will get u some more once i get them from my friends !!

* Write 10 test cases how to test Yahoo Messenger
* write the test cases to test the White board marker along with some performance related testing for this
* Write the test cases for testing whether a given number is prime or not
* How do u start writing a test plan for a feature
* what is the difference between severity and priority for a bug
* How do u test the View button for Internet explorer
* How will u a file a bug – give the complete description
* Give examples of a high-priority — low-severity and low-prority — high-severity bugs
* A printer is scheduled to print 1000 pages. The printing process started but the process stopped after printing 850 pages. How will u debug this
* What are the improvements that you can suggest for MS WOrd
* What is the difference between white box testing and black box testing
* how do u do stress and load testing for a website (say youtube)
* you found a very critical bug one day before the release of the product. what will you do ?
* Write the boundary test conditions for testing whether a number is a three digit number
* How will u test an installer – taking into consideration the platforms and operating systems that are supported
* What is regression testing
* Give the ideas how any test feature can be automated
* How will u test the UI for an application
* An application works on one operating system and does not work on another version of the same OS. How will u go about this
* What is unit testing
* what are the issues that u look before u close a bug that is fixed
* If there is a differnce of opinion between a test engineer and a developer of an application, what will u do?
c written
1) prototype of sprintf.
2) get n bits from a number starting from pth bit from right.
3) difference betwee typedef and # define.
4) how free() knows number of bytes to be freed.
5) A BST was given we have to print 4 smallest number.
6) WAP to check whether 2 tree are identical.
7) A problem on consumer and producer.
8) Allocate memory for 2-d array.
Some ECE related questions here…

1) to draw a line between 2 points (x1,y1) and(x2,y2). given x1 is less than x2. 
2) there are n computers (c1, c2,…. ….. cN) .
(ci,cj) means there is a connection between computer ci and cj.This connection is both way.
You have relations like (ci,cj) given.
You have to WAP which returns true if data can be moved from any computer to any other computer.
3)operations were defined like:
PUSP A : push a number on the satck
ADD : pop top 2 elements of the stack and then add them and pushes the result back.
EXCH :swap top 2 elements of the satck.
DUP :puishes the top element of the stack.
suppose stack is 1 23 45
then after dup stack will 1 23 45 45
SUB : pop top 2 elements of the stack and then from top element subtract the second element add them and pushes the result back.
JNZ : jump to LABEL if top of the stack is non zero.
you have to write assemble instructions using above instructions such that top of the stack should comtain result of:-
for(int i=0;i<10;i++)
result = A..

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