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Questions in Adobe Tests n Interviews – Part 5

Questions in Adobe Tests n Interviews – Part 5

My Adobe Interview:  

1st Round:
1. Why do u wanna leave previous company and so.
2. he stared then with simple C codes like itoa(). He demanded full execuatable code without ny error. Evrybody will ask atleast one ques of this type to check ur coding skills and mostly the one dealing with strings.
3. given two linked list. We have to find that whether the data in one is reverse that of data in other. No extra space is to be used and traverse the lists only once.
4. C++ funde mostly copy constructor: when is it called, when w have a default constructor, why do we need it. The funda is deep and shallow copy.
5. two process are thr who are child of P. if p1 writes 10 bytes at addr say 0xaab.bccdd then p2 tries to read it, what it will read.
6. How to detect whether a m/c is 32 bit/64 bit

IInd round:
1. Started with C++ fundas like inheritance and virtual…went little deep in that like: why virtual needed, why virtual destructors. If i have an object declared like
B *b=0; i.e b is pointing to null and class B has function fun1, so what happens when we write b->fun1(). And what if this function was static.
2. WAP to find the last occurrence of a pattern in string. 
3. puzzle: thr r 2 cubes, we can write nums on them b/w 0-9. we have to use the combination of both to see the dates of month i.e from 1-31. how would u place the numbers on cube…note that 1-9 should be read 01,02…09.

IIIrd Round:
started with puzzles: 
1. if a couple has 2 children whats the probability that both are oys and whats the probability of the same when atleat one of them is boy.
2. apples and oranges puzzle.
3. WAP to reverse the words in a string. Fully executable code, I made 2 mistakes and he asked me to find them.
4. one was based on the funda ki sizeof() is done at compile time itself.
5. I was given a linked list and a number, have to find all the pairs in linked list which had the sum equal to that number. He later gave me a hint to make a DS for tht, I used BST, he wanted further better and asked for hash table.
6. Make a class which can be used to make a 3 D array. I made a ***ptr as element of class and allocated it #D array in constructor. He asked What will be the problem with this, for which I gave fundas like: the space wont be continous and have to dereference pointers many times which will increase time and also since the space is not contiguous it can be in different frames and tht frames can be swapped in and swapped out a lot of times, so will increase the access time.

IV round:
The old funda why do u wanna switch, strength, weakness, hobbies, which is my oldest pal whom I know(to check how I am in maintaing relationship). No issues here..

V Round:
A very senior guy took this.
1. Given a screean with pixel size of 640*200. these pixels have starting address given by char *start, and are continous in memory and each pixel takes 2 bits. Given an integer values and the row no and col no, I have to set a particular pixel.
2. Given 2 arrays, one of size M+N and other of N, both are sorted. We have to put all the elements in a sorted way in M+N array.
3.Given a 100 storey building and two identical glass balls, which when thrown from a floor greater than k, will break. If we have to find this k, how many maxmum throws can we take. Optimise the no of throws for the wors case.
4. given a Binary tree, how can we check whether it’s a BST or not.

I might have missed some questions. Overall they saw the problem solving approach and some funde which they expect us t know but we mostly fumble with.

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