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Rules To Remember When You Want Dark Walls in a Small Apartment


There’s a common misconception that dark walls in a small space create a cluttered look. The truth is, a dark background in a small space can work to your advantage space-wise, but only when done right. According to head of design at “all you have to do is to choose furniture and accessories that complement the space and organise it in such a way that everything blends together”. Although you probably won’t be able to get away with a lot when decorating a dark painted apartment, you can at least take solace in the fact that dark walls can really infuse elegance and character to a small apartment. For more tips and tricks on how to make dark walls work for your small abode, read on.

It’s all in the finish

The type of finish on your paint can make or break the design of your space. A dark paint with a shiny finish tends to look tacky and out of place in a small space, whereas a matte finish adds panache and elegance making the space look bigger than it actually is.

Make natural light work for you

Make use of a large mirror and place it strategically so that it reflects the light coming through your windows. With this arrangement, your space will be awash with natural light, resulting in a spacious and tranquil setting.

Mix and match dark and light

Painting all your walls and your ceiling in a dark color can make it feel bleak and grundgy. If you’re going for dark walls, at least cover your ceiling in a bright and optimistic color. Pastels or simple white can work great too. Another great tip would be to paint two out of the four walls dark and use the other two as bright accent walls to elongate the length of the space.

Create Contrast

Bright furniture, vibrant artwork and light colored furniture works great in a dark space. Other details like pastel toned sofas, distressed white picture frames and Scandinavian rugs under a sleek modern glass table could make a dark colored living room look like a picture perfect editorial in a design magazine.

Blend it Up

You can also incorporate a few pieces of dark furniture to play off the walls. Not only do they blend in effortlessly, but they create continuity and balance. But don’t go all the way dark with your furniture either. Rather make your primary furniture pieces a light color and you’ll have the perfect contrast.

The right shade

When it comes to dark paint, certain shades definitely work better than others. A few fail-safe options include charcoal grey, chocolate brown, black and navy blue. Other tones like deep reds and greens can be a bit too loud and feel confining when done in a small space. However, a deep blue wall could work if you keep your accessories to an absolute minimum.

Living large in a small space

If you want to make a dark painted room more interesting and vibey, consider filling an open glass cabinet with little knick knacks like books, travel mementos and heirlooms etc. Pairing this with modern furniture and large windows will definitely make a statement.

I leave you with this…

Add modern furniture and a light colored door with ethnic accessories to a dark colored home office and you’ve got yourself a winning combination. In fact, the combination of these elements makes the space feel so spacious and peaceful that you’ll absolutely enjoy working in it.

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