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Shopping at London’s Street Markets


If you are an avid shopper who enjoys shopping at new venues, then London is the city to visit. The city is home to some of the best shopping in the world ranging from flagship stores, the finest department stores and beautiful street markets in the world. Whatever you want and more is to be found in London and if this is not the case, then the probability of finding it elsewhere is slim if not none.

If you do plan a trip to London it is best to stay at the boutique luxury hotels in London’s city centre. While it may seem an expensive proposition the truth is there are some great discounts and special offers available all through the year.

A top quality hotel chain in the heart of the city is the Montcalm hotels London. They are a preferred choice among business travellers and tourists in that part of London.

If you want to be close to all the action then make reservations at the Montcalm at the Brewery hotel that is a multi-award winning 5 star hotels in the heart of London. You will be within convenient distance of the top shopping markets in London like Camden Market, Columbia Market, Covent Garden Market, Spitalfield Market etc. among plenty of other great places to shop at. And what better way to spend a beautiful sunny Sunday morning in the city, than by exploring its vibrant and colourful street markets. From vintage items to delectable street food, accessories to retro stuff you will find them all here. Some of the best street markets to shop in London are:

Camden Market:  The market opens on Sundays from 10 am to 6 in the evening and actually comprises two individual markets i.e. The Lock and The Stables. It is located spot on in the heart of Camden Town and is situated in the scenic background of Regent’s Canal. From vintage fashion to handcrafted jewellery, souvenirs to incredible art creations you will find them all and more at its shops and stalls, which line the area. Once you are done with your shopping for the day you could hop over to the food stalls for a delicious Sunday lunch.

Maltby Street Market: If you are a gastronome then make a beeline to Maltby Stree Market on a Sunday morning! It opens from 11 in the morning to 4 in the evening and although it is relatively small in area, it compensates with the best of fresh baked goods and wonderful fresh produce. Two great eateries to visit in the area are Monty’s Deli famous for its salt-beef sandwiches and pastrami. The other is St John’s Bakery that produces amazing doughnuts and terrific sourdough bread. Apart from this there are a variety of meats, cheese and confectionery to sample in the area, so make sure you visit with an empty tummy!

Old Spitalfield Market

Old Spitalfield Market: Spitalfield was built during the Victorian Era in 1876, and is one of the last few remaining markets of its kind in the city. Despite this it is has retained its spot as being one of the best markets in London. It attracts large crowds on the weekends especially on Sundays, when people come to browse and buy the latest in fashion, chic furnishings and accessories, and superb creations by up-and coming-fashion designers. And there are a great variety of shops, stores, cafes and restaurants that sell an amazing array of things, from the finest in wine to the most exotic of cheese.

Covent Garden Market: A long time ago the market at Covent Garden served as a thoroughfare where vegetable and fruit sellers noisily solicited their wares. Now you will find a more limited number of green grocers and more of gift shops. Covent Garden comprises of three markets together. The Jubilee Market is the place to drop in on weekends for arts and handicrafts; The East Colonnade Market sells an eclectic variety of things ranging from confectionary to knick-knacks; and the Apple Market that is well known for accessories and local handmade items.

Columbia Road Flower Market: It is the most famous floral market in London and is a visual treat to visit. It makes for a great photo opportunity with all the beautiful flowers, with many of them exotic species to be found in the stalls here. With gardening equipment and potted plants you will find everything an avid gardener can want. The market open early from 8 in the morning to about 3 in the early evening, so arrive early to see the best. Once done you could browse at the indie antique shops, cafes, galleries and numerous eateries to be found in the area.   

Brick Lane Market:  Visit the Brick Lane Market on any Sunday and you will find yourself in one of a kind flea market. From antiques to bric-a-brac, electrical to clothes you will find them at great bargains (if you have mastered the art of haggling). Traders open shop early at 8 in the morning and close about mid-afternoon. If you want the best bargains you need to drop-in early! Further up there near the Truman Brewery there are a few other markets to browse at, which are a Vintage Market, Backyard Market and the Sunday Upmarket etc.

Greenwich Market: The quaint and charming town of Greenwich is well known its top attractions including, The Prime Meridian (Greenwich Mean Time), the Royal Observatory and Planetarium and the National Maritime Museum. The fourth lesser known aspect is its charming market that sells a diverse variety of items from one-off designs, to art and crafts among an assortment of other things. Once you are done with buying whatever catches your fancy you could stop off for some exotic delicacies from a variety of international cuisines. Get it wrapped up and head along to a spot by the Thames, where you could enjoy the food and the idyllic scenery.


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