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Six Ways to Turn Exposed Pipes into a Positive

exposed pipes

You have moved into a new home. One of the first things you need to do is have the plumbing checked out by an experienced plumber in Lane Cove. They will be able to identify any issues, and you should keep their number to hand, to call if you have any plumbing emergencies that need to be dealt with in the future.

Hopefully, the plumbing in your new home will be fine. But, what if you have a different issue, such as the appearance of the water pipes. Exposed pipes can look unsightly, and have an adverse effect on the appearance of your property. This does not have to be the case. There are ways in which you can turn these pipes into a positive feature.

Use a skirt to hide pipes which are under the sink

 sink skirt

If you are keen on sewing, it’s an easy task to make a sink skirt. You can select a material which matches the area around the sink skirt; this way it blends in. Once the skirt has been fitted, it will cover the area where the pipes run under the sink, so that they cannot be seen.

Create a metallic finish for pipes

metallic exposed pipes                                                                                                        (Image source)

You do not have to hide the water pipes in your home; you can use them as part of te décor. One of the best ways to do this is to give them a metallic finish. This type of finish certainly catches the eye, and may just turn the pipes into a real talking point, when people visit your home.

Use the excuse to create storage

exposed pipes interior design                                          (Image credits)

It can often be difficult to create enough storage; especially in a small home. Covering pipes can be an excellent excuse to add more storage options. All you need to do is build an area of shelving around the pipes.

Make bold colour choices

colored exposed pipes

If there are water pipes in your kids’ rooms, you may want to use them to add a sense of fun to the décor. Go as mad as you want, with bright colours, and make the pipes stand out, instead of trying to hide them away.

Consider steel

Steel is not a cheap option, when it comes to the material for pipes; but it does look good. There is a current trend for everything industrial, and steel pipes can give this look to your home.

Mix fake foliage with the real thing

Having real plants around your home is good for the people who live there. You can combine these real plants with fake foliage which you can wrap around unsightly water pipes, to give them a more attractive appearance.

  • Water pipes are a necessity in any home. This does not mean that they have to spoil the appearance of your décor. You can see by the examples we have provided that it’s relatively easy to turn water pipes into a positive feature of your property.


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