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Smart Solutions to Make your House More Efficient


Smart houses are on the rise, following the huge success of home automation. Home automation was first brought into homes in order to make them more efficient for everybody living in them, but it quickly moved beyond that as people realised what they could do. But for somebody who doesn’t want the whole shebang when they come to their homes, simply incorporating some of the more natural suggestions into the home can be enough to make it more efficient.

  1. Automate your heating system

One of the most popular ways of using home automation is in the realm of heating. Smart technology allows us to control the heating remotely, rather than needing to be in direct contact with it. As seen here, heating efficiency is improved dramatically by the ability to control it from remote locations; being able to do this means that the heating can be switched on and off as needed, meaning that there is less wasted energy if something unexpected happens, and the homeowners are not in for the evening as they expected. Being able to turn the heating off is a lifesaver (not to mention a money saver!) for efficiency.

  1. Design your house appropriately

This is only really useful for people who are either building from scratch, or remodelling, but there are ways to design a house to make it more efficient. These can include adding more windows to the design, making sure that the rooms which use the most energy are near the heating and cooling systems so as not to waste energy, and more.

What many people don’t know is that concrete floors can make your house more efficient. Concrete floors don’t hold heat, so your house will not heat up as much as if you had other types of flooring down. This means that you will need to spend less energy on cooling the house down than you otherwise would.

  1. Add solar panels

This is a fairly easy addition to any house, particularly now that they are making solar panels which are fit with linear actuators. A solar panel can now go anywhere that there is spare space for it, and can act to supplement the energy being used by a home in a variety of different ways.

Most people put their panels on the roof, for obvious reasons, but they can also be put on the lawn, over windows, or anywhere else which you might find to be a good place. It really depends on the house.

  1. Install automated blinds

One of the worst places for losing heat in a house is a window – it is possible to replace windows, but for a cheaper method, many people are turning to blinds. Automated blinds can be programmed to open or close depending on the temperature or other atmospheric conditions it senses within a room. This can keep the room at a more adequate temperature than would otherwise be possible, leading to a more efficient home.

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