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Splendid Mystery and Bizarre Fashion Behind Amazing Attractions

Our earth is full of strange places. No later than we can so easy put on women’s clothing in Turkey’s fashion wearing the hot casual style then begin hurling weird fireballs or offensive stone formations this way, and send us freaking and scary all over again. Better go looking for women’s clothing sale, and you might even see something weird as unpredictable and bizarre style as the following. Nevertheless, even if clothing online rules, who knows what your can find, right?


10. The Erotic Rock Valley, Turkey


Turkey’s drawer of tourists, Cappadocia, lies on a remote dry and sandy plains of Anatolia. As one of the UNESCO World Heritage attraction, the place is full of rock homes from ancient times, churches underground and art of the Byzantines historically was one of the landmarks in the Middle East. So, it’s amazing that a woodland of gigantic stone dildos is in this part of the world.

Yes, that’s correct. We owe it to a far-reaching history of geological cataclysm, rocks in Goreme have designed themselves into different kinds of scary shapes weirder than the Love Valley. Standing straight up through the sky, and with conical bulges crowning on top, they are scattered far and wide in the valley as far as your eyes can see.


9. The Devil’s Bath,  New Zealand

The Devil’s Bath


Let a kid draw a radioactive shoe, and you will most likely end up something like Devil’s Bath in New Zealand. Wearing a whistle texture spliced tunic over a denim Capri, a typical fashion to explore a Taupo Volcanic Zone lake in Rotorua, the green color of the pool matching a Boston & bailey jade heart belcher necklace, a bright glowing not so natural green.

Since Devil’s Bath was perceived to be a volcanic belt, the pool sits in a limitless sulfur deposit that breaks into particles and goes afloat, illuminating wonderful green color in the water. The water is stagnant and pictures out a radioactive slime and a smell of rotten egg which compares to an infernal gigantic fart. It’s the only lake with a green color while Tiwu Nuwa Muri Koo Fai of Indonesia is a replica of secret dumping sites for nuclear elements.


8. Desert Glass, Libya, and Egypt


When you go visit the largest desert on earth, Sahara, envision to wear a dyed cotton parka jacket with a matching slim boyfriend jeans with rips as you will be encountering sands and rocks in one of the particular areas. Be sure to bring a shovel to dig deeper and see for yourself the beauty underneath the Libyan Glass. Huge lumps of yellow silica, this place has been haunting the locals for a millennium trying to figure out what could have made it emerge in the area. Some speculators presumed the glass came from a meteorite or crash of a comet which heated up the sand for 2,000 degree Celsius. The Egyptians made fabulous jewelry, and the Aterian made weapons and tools from the Libyan Glass.


7. Franz Gsellmann’s Weltmaschine, Austria

Franz Gsellmann’s Weltmaschine

Nike Rally Full Zip Hoody with Nike Gym lack Pro Capri, the best to wear for a jog around a small farmhouse in Austria where Franz Gsellmann undertook one of the most bizarre projects. For a span of 20 years, he built whirring, brightly colored collection of intertwined spokes, gizmos, and wheels for a reason no one can rationalize.

It was 1958, when Gsellmann, a son of a poor farmer uneducated of mechanics and engineering perceive a scale model atom at Brussels World Exposition. So fascinated, he bought the atom model, went home to Austria and cleared up his barn and placed the pattern at the center and started building.

For the succeeding years, Gsellmann silently created his bizarre apparatus surrounding the atom, adding various objects like a xylophone, bells, chains, clocks, whistles, fans, and conveyor belts. He did not mention the structure to his family until it was almost finished. However, he died before he can manifest to the world what it is for.


6. Lake Abraham’s Deadly Bubbles, Canada


You need some Dorothy Perkins black faux fur porn beret to tour Lake Abraham in Canada, a frozen surface during winter. The winter is the time to visit the lake as you will come face-to-face with a beautiful, deadliest lake in the world. Underneath the mantle of ice lies sparkling bubbles of methane gas smacking up against the frozen water just waiting for somebody to spark them off.

The bubbles of methane gas was a result of decaying animals and feedings of bacteria which rises the water unseen by many. They become like bubble towers which are clearly visible for any walker. During winter, the methane bubbles transform into methane gas sacks suspended in different angles in the water.


5. The Lake Of Blood, Bolivia

The Lake Of Blood, Bolivia

Be sure not to wear a red manta when visiting Bolivia’s lake of blood. The lake is so red you might think thousands of gallons of blood pours down into the lake. But no, the red color is produced by red algae sediments that are pulled up from the bottom and cause the bloody color.


4. The Disco Mosque, Iran

The first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word “mosque” is it is a place of prayer like the Blue Mosque in Istanbul or the Shiraz Shah Cheragh mosque in Iran. Don’t forget to wear a muqna and abaya when you visit this place as you will be fascinated by the beauty of the Shah Cheragh mosque in Iran. You wouldn’t believe, but the inside of Shah Cheragh is like an “exploding disco ball.”

As the story goes, in the 19th century, there were two brothers murdered because of the anti-Shia persecution. After 500 years, Queen Tashi Khatun ordered a mosque built by the brother’s tomb, and it must be in the glass. As a result, the glass magnifies its brilliance inside like a dancing ball.


3. Epic Fog Bows, Worldwide


When we were young, a double rainbow with its bows of different colors is beautiful to behold. A rainbow colored pollera matches the haunting and rarest Epic Fog Bow, not a double rainbow, but a bow of fog shaped like a rainbow. The only difference between a rainbow and a fog bow is, while rainbow produces by lights refracting from drops of water, fogbows generates by diffracting light against tiny little drops of water which make a pale light reflection.


2. The Dead Horse Out For A Spin, Nevada


Breeches, Riding jackets, jodhpurs, riding boots and hats is always what you wear in visiting areas like these. You might find familiar all things that you do something bizarre however sometimes happens that you got out of words. The long dead Nevada horse driver is one of these moments.

There is an isolated pathway that leads to a remote town of Baker, Nevada where a skeleton of a horse is sitting behind the steering wheel an antique car, the hooves resting on the car’s dashboard. The driver parks at the side of the road and marvels at the view.


1. The Bottom Of An Iceberg, Antarctica

The Bottom Of An Iceberg, Antarctica


You’re aware that we can only see the top of icebergs. Using a Nikon camera with a powerful 12-foot lens, the bottom of ice displays a wide array of beautiful objects that is unseen by the naked eye. Without the snow covering, the iceberg’s underside is blue like a reflection of the tip of the iceberg.



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Jenny Park is a fashion designer by profession and a writer by heart. She writes on behalf of French Connection, a company based in Australia. She spends her vacant time reading about the new and latest fashion craze anywhere in the globe.


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