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Sri krishna Commission report highlights


The following are the solutions/ suggestions made by the Sri Krishna Committee

1. Maintaining Status Quo :

The committee is of the unanimous view that it would not be a practical approach to simply maintain the status quo in respect of the situation. Some intervention is definitely required and though maintaining the existing status quo is an option, it is favored the least !

2. Bifurcation of the state in to Seemandhra and Telangana; with Hyderabad as a Union Territory and the two states developing their own capital in due course :

There is a definite likelihood of serious backlashes in the Telangana region and on the overall consideration the committee found this option also not practicable.

3. Bifurcation of the state into Rayala-Telangana and Coastal Andhra Regions with Hyderabad being an integral part of the Rayala-Telangana :

The scenario is not likely to be accepted either by the pro-Telangana or pro-united Andhra protagonists. While the option may have economic justification, the committee believes that this option may not offer a resolution which would be acceptable to all the three regions.

4. Bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh into Seemandhra and Telangana with enlarged Hyderabad Metropolis as a separate Union Territory. This union territory will have geographic linkage and contiguity via Nalgonda district in the south-east to district Guntur in coastal Andhra and via Mahaboobnagar district in the south to Kurnool district in Raayalaseema  :

This is likely to receive stiff opposition from Telangana protagonists and it may be difficult to reach a political consensus in making this solution acceptable to all.

5. Bifurcation of the state into Telangana and Seemandhra as per existing boundaries with Hyderabad as the capital of Telangana and Seemandhra to have a new capital :

The committee feels that this option has to be given consideration. The continuing demand for a separate Telangana has some merit and it is not entirely unjustified. In case this option is exercised the apprehensions of the coastal Andhra and Rayalaseema people and others who were settled in Hyderabad and other districts of Telangana with regard to their investments, properties, livelihood and employment would need to be adequately addressed. Considering all aspects, the committee feels that while creation of separate Telangana would satisfy a large majority of people from the region, it will also throw up several other serious problems. Therefore after taking into account of the pros and cons the committee did not think it to be the most preferred, but the second best option ! Separation is recommended only in case it is unavoidable and if this decision can be reached amicably amongst all the three regions.

6. Keeping the State united by simultaneously providing certain definite constitutional/ statutory measures for socio-economic development and political empowerment of Telangana region – creation of statutorily empowered Telangana Regional Council :

In this option, it is proposed to keep the State united and provide Constitutional/Statutory measures to address the core socio-economic concerns about the development of the Telangana region. This can be done through the establishment of a statutory and empowered Telangana Regional Council with adequate transfer of funds, functions and functionaries. The Regional Council would provide a legislative consultative mechanism for the subjects to be dealt with by the Council.

The United Andhra option is being suggested for continuing the development momentum of the three regions and keeping in mind the national perspective. With firm political and administrative management, it should be possible to convey conviction to the people that this option would be in the best interest of all and would provide satisfaction to the maximum number of people in the state. For management of Water and Irrigation resources on a equitable basis,  a technical body, i.e.  Water Management Board, and an Irrigation Project Development Corporation in an expanded role have been recommended. The above course of action should meet all the issues raised by Telangana people satisfactorily.

The committee discussed all aspects of this option and while it acknowledges that there will be certain difficulties in its implementation, on balance, it found it the most workable option in the given circumstances and in the best interest of the socio and economic welfare of the people of all the three regions.

The core issue being one of socio economic development and good governance, the committee, keeping the national perspective in mind, is of the considered view that this option stands out as the best way forward.

You can download the report from

According to sources,  the Central government would like to take a decision on the options given by the five-member panel, most probably before the budget session of Parliament that begins in February third week.

The meeting of recognized political parties in Andhra Pradesh, to discuss the Srikrishna Committee Report on Telangana, began here this morning.

You will recall that on January 5, 2010 we held our first meeting. That meeting was premised on the belief that parliamentary democracy – and the debate, discussion and consultation that are fostered in a parliamentary democracy – has the capacity to find solutions to all issues and problems. The  Government constituted a Committee under the chairmanship of Mr. Justice Srikrishna with very broad terms of reference. The Justice Srikrishna Committee submitted its report to the Government on December 30, 2010. It is Government’s sincere hope that the report will generate an informed and mature debate.

Our discussions on January 5, 2010 showed the way forward: fact-finding, study, analysis, options and recommendations. It is Government’s hope that our discussions today will also show the further way forward. I am sure that, besides the political parties, the people of Andhra Pradesh – both individuals and groups – would also make valuable suggestions that will show the way forward.


As a aspiring civil servant, I am also a keen observer and follower of this whole issue from around 18 months from now. Around one year back, I had my opinion written in one of the posts : Telangana and Andhra ? on worthview and suggested for an Autonomous Regional Council ! Co-incidentally or otherwise , the best suggested recommendation of the committee talks of Telangana Regional Council ! Though my opinion at that time was having no statistical and observable/provable facts to support, now they are available. I am happy for a non-partisan thought process going on in me personally.

Anyways…lets see how this all goes and where it ends. Is it going to ? !

What do you say !?


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7 thoughts on “Sri krishna Commission report highlights

  1. If the facts are not correct, and the research is not well made, then it is big time to make this known to all. Of course, with the correct data. And when the facts are not correct, there is no point talking about the options or suggestions made by the report. So, no 5th and no 6th.
    Lets find the correct facts somehow.
    Though, I honestly believe there is no mischief with the facts. The supporting documents are mainly from the Central Institutes, NSSO surveys and other Census related authorities, which are all from the Central Govt units and are used EVERYWHERE in the country.

  2. it is not a well researched report , the facts are not correct, and the data is wrong, telangana is reaalloy suppressed by the rulers, hence 5th option is better, caz the ist and 6th points contradict each oteher,
    Dr.M.Rajanna Vemulawada

  3. No doubt, Valid points above. In which case is the political will not a problem. Its always the prime root in any equation.
    We have to even wait and see whether the suggestions are going to be ‘accepted’ by the govt (next feb is the supposed time ? ).

    As of now, we should take the report in this terms : A valid and consensual statistical and observatory collection of facts , ideas and opinions is made and depending on that , suggestions are made. Though ALL the suggestions seem that we already know them, now we got a statistical and confirmed support as a result of the consolidations, which gives legitimacy.

  4. People are saying the last option is best. But last option is practically feasible. The reasons for this are

    Similar kind of thing was proposed in 1956(not sure on exact year) as gentlemen’s agreement. And we all agree that this was not implemented.

    Similar kind of thing was proposed as 6 points formula, which was also not implemented.

    similar kind of thing was proposed as 610 GO , which was also not implemented.

    Three times We failed to implement these kind of solution(Failure is because of politicians from all regions including telangana). I really doubt the sincerity of implementation of this suggestion.

    As far as Hyderabad is concerned, I really do not understand why people people are concerned about. My opinion on Hyderabad is as follows.

    Hyderabad is selected as capital of andhra pradesh because hyderabad possessed infrastructure required (many govt buildings which include assembly, high court etc).
    Hyderabad possessed enormous amount of Govt land. and also its geographical location.

    Where as development of hyderabad is concerned,

    Private Enterprise establishment was successful because of conversion of govt lands in hyderabad(which hyderabad possessed before it joined AP) into SEGs.
    Intension of any business man is not to develop any region, but to make profit. So all business came to hyderabad because of vast availability of land and its geographical location, development was a legacy.

    People are saying that govt invested a lot in hyderabad. But strongly claim that hyderabad is self sustainable (Amount of money earned from hyderabad in the form of taxes is always greater than amount of money spent).

    I will post some more comments on hyderabad next time


  5. Last option is the best because there will be a continuity in the development of total Andhra Pradesh along with Telanga region. Today Hyderabad is a pride of total A.P due to is development which was a result of contribution and combined effort of all region people of A.P. To maintain the same pace in the further development, A.P need to be united.

  6. this is not good , as they said on dec 9th they should give telangana, there is no option-sarathi-hyd

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