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Stunning Staircase Design Plans on a Budget


When you are tired of the look of your staircase, but are on a budget, it might feel like there is no solution. This can be a discouraging feeling. Thankfully, there is a world of possibilities at your finger tips if you are willing to invest a little elbow grease and imagination.

A simple remodel that is both cost and time effective is renewing your balustrade design. It is amazing how a small change like the material you use for the handrail or the balustrade can affect the look of your staircase. Going from wood to steel or glass would rejuvenate your entire house.

For more time-consuming projects that are still budget friendly, you will consider getting rid of any old carpet. Although arduous and tough on your back and knees, doing this step yourself will save you tons of money. Try to conserve any old part you remove like baseboard, trim or hand rail. This way, you can fix it and save a few more dollars. Be mindful that the old carpet was probably secured with staples, many staples, the will need to be removed, one by one. You should wear gloves during this step to protect your hands. Advise the kids to wear their shoes when running up and down the stairs until all staples have been removed.

Once your stairs are stripped, there are many possibilities to transform your staircase into a stunning masterpiece. First, you must fill the holes left by the staples as well as any other gaps you find. If the stairs creak under your weight, consider securing them with carpenter glue or foam insulation. After all the little imperfections are covered, your stairs will need a good sanding. Use a power tool for this task, unless you intend on spending several days on your knees. Remember that the more attention to detail you are paying here, the better your stairs will look when your project is finished.

Now that all the prep work is done, it is time to wrap this up. There are so many ideas to make your stairs fabulous that your head will spin just thinking about it. Although the current fad is to leave the thread in natural wood, you can stain it or paint it if you wish. For the risers, the sky is the limit. You can paint them, use wall paper, laminate flooring or even tile them. It really depends on your taste and your budget. The neat thing with painting your risers is that you can add a word on each one that adds up to a quote when you read it together. If your stairs are damaged beyond repairs, don’t fret, hardware stores now sell stair replacement kits that allow you to cover your old stair and make it new, all over again.

While you are refreshing your stairs and hand rails, it might also be an opportunity for you to create extra storage by either turning the last few stairs in drawers or using the space underneath the stairs as a closet or storage area.

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