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Everything You Need to Know about Hate Crimes


Hate crimes are defined as any criminal acts perpetrated against a person or an organization based exclusively, or largely on one of their characteristics, like race or ethnicity. The law which protects the sensitive groups from persecution is fairly strict in order to discourage these kinds of acts. However, this strictness does come with a…

What Makes a Good Court Reporting Agency Stand Out from the Rest


In most cases, companies that need the services of a court reporting agency will conduct their search on watchdog groups like Business Bureaus. But if truth be told, you might hire the top ranked court reporting agency only to be hit by the reality that that agency does not meet your specific needs. So, other…

The Top Reasons for Hiring a Reputable Appellate Attorney


Whether dealing with a civil or criminal trial, you need to hire an experienced attorney. The same is true when filing an appeal, although it might be even more critical, especially if you lost in a criminal case. After all, an appeal is your final opportunity to get a higher court to reverse the decision…