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Thames Bonfire Night Cruises Promise an Entertaining Evening of a Different Kind

Bonfire Night Cruises

Many countries celebrate Bonfire night, but the celebrations in London have a common British cultural and historical lineage that dates back to the 17th century.  Britishers celebrate it as Guy Fawkes Night in the United Kingdom and some other countries that belonged to the former Commonwealth nations. The celebrations that comprise of the fireworks display at homes and in public places are in remembrance of the failed Gunpowder plot against the King and the parliament in the 17th century.

The event of this year slated for 5th November 2017 has set the buzz among people who are excited to take part in the celebrations to witness a spectacular evening of fireworks that would light up the dark skies. As the excellent fireworks display takes place across the length and breadth of London, you must seek the most coveted position to enjoy the event, not from the land but while sailing on the Thames by booking your seat on one of the cruises.

Bonfire night cruises

As the city of London erupts in a celebratory mood to enjoy the display of mind-boggling fireworks show, people are busy charting ways to have fun at the show in the best possible manner. While many individuals are eager to be at the places where the celebrations take place, the more sophisticated and comfortable way to look up at the sky for the incredible display of fireworks is to book your seat on a river cruise on that evening.  The cruise tour operators offer attractive cruise packages for enjoying Bonfire Night London along with your friends and family. You get the enviable opportunity of occupying the central position on the Thames to have a full view of the skies from end to end that allows unhindered viewing of the grand fireworks show.

Battersea Park show

When you embark on Bonfire Night cruise, you get the prime view of the famous Battersea Park fireworks display, the showpiece of the event. Select a cruise that ensures mooring the boat at the most convenient position so that you would be delighted with not only the show of fireworks but also the food and drinks served on board.  As you turn your eyes to the Westminster Abbey, you could fondly remember how God’s grace had spared the historical and majestic building from destruction planned by Guy Fawkes who wanted to demolish the structure by using gunpowder. At Battersea Park, the bonfire lighting is at 7.30 PM, and the fire show begins at 8 PM sharp.

The cruise schedule

The boat sets sail at 6 PM from Westminster pier and sails down to Battersea Park to align the cruise timing with the show schedule. You are assured of the best view of the show as you enjoy the boat ride with gorgeous food and drinks and have access to a well-stocked bar. The cruise lasts for three hours and ends at 9 PM.

An excellent treat awaits you and your family as you prepare to end the year on a high note.

Author Bio: Margaret Muller is a blogger who is fond of writing on topics related to lifestyle and entertainment. She is excited about the forthcoming Bonfire Night London. Besides writing, she is a homemaker busy in bringing up her two beautiful kids.



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