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What Things to Consider Before Buying Punching Bag Stand?

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All martial artists and boxers need punching bags at their homes to train more efficiently and effectively. It can offer a great workout without needing a pad holder. Bag can be used to enhance your technique, combinations, timing and other facets of the game.

Once you have realized the importance of punching bags, it is essential to know that punching bag stands are equally important. Most bags require you to hang the bag from a hook which is either attached to a ceiling or a wall bracket. If you don’t want to ruin the aesthetics, then purchase a punching bag stand.

Since the selection process can be daunting, following are the considerations you must take into account before buying the right punching bag stand:

  1. Designs

When choosing a punching bag stand, you need to measure the amount of space available in the room. Don’t buy a design that makes massive amount of space. Smaller designs are better for people who don’t have much space.

There is a variety of types and designs available in the market. Choose it according to your objectives. Here are some of the kinds:

  • Single station heavy bag stands
  • Multi station heavy bag stands
  1. Weight limit

Weight capacity of the bag stand is another important point to consider. Most bag stands have a generalized capacity of 100 lbs. This means a bag weighing this much can be hanged without any issues.

Heavier bags can cause your stand to bend down. This is why figure out the exact weight of your punching bag and then choose the stands.

  1. Materials

This is a key factor which may determine your decision. Steel tubing is usually the main material used in constructing punching bag stands and is powder coated to give it a nice durable finish.

Overall weight of the stand can be looked at to check out its durability. Heavier the stand, more likely the steel tubing is thicker and more durable. Reading more on the materials will give you a better idea about it.

  1. Price

Price is something you consider when buying anything. The cost of punching bag stands can range anywhere between $100 and $1400 depending on its material, design, durability and usability. The reason for such variation in price is that cheaper stands use low-quality materials whereas expensive stands offer better functionality and are highly durable which will offer user an enhanced and long-lasting experience.

Some bag stands even come with lifetime guarantees. This is indicative of the fact how durable they can be. They have better designs which allow the bag to swing better. The ultimate result is better practice and training which every martial artist or boxer craves for.


The market is full of different punching bag stands. The final tip that every buyer must keep in their mind is to go over reviews. Reviews can tell you the pros and cons of a specific stand and give you more information about a product.

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