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Things to Keep in Mind While Purchasing Artificial Grass

artificial grass

It is a good idea to install artificial grass as it would prove to be money-saving as there would be no need for reseeding, watering, or mowing the lawn. However, you must understand that installation of artificial grass would be requiring an upfront investment and if you want to make the maximum utilization of your money, you would need to buy carefully and then ensure that the synthetic grass is well taken care of. Here are a few factors to consider while buying artificial grass to make sure that it is your money’s worth.

Quality: High-quality turf should be feeling quite soft to touch. You must buy polyethylene yarns or polyamide or polypropylene turfs. High-quality turf must be well-stitched, evenly backed, and must have color consistency. Buy from suppliers or manufacturers who could offer you an impressive selection of products. Browse the Internet to identify reliable suppliers, but don’t forget to request for samples. Do a proper comparative evaluation and then make the final choice. You could get top quality artificial grass Brisbane for a lush green lawn with very little upkeep and maintenance.

Pile Height: Pile height actually is the length of your synthetic grass blades. This refers to the height from just above the turf backing to the blades’ tips. You could opt for a taller pile height provided you are looking for a lawn with a lush appearance. But taller the height of the pile, the grass would become heavier and may bend over eventually giving a flat appearance to your lawn.

You may opt for a pile height between 30 mm and 37 mm. If you are planning to place some furniture on your turf, it is better to choose a relatively shorter pile height. You must brush the turf on a regular basis to make sure that the grass blades are upright.

Weight& Density: Turf density refers to the amount of yarn or fiber present per square unit. So a high-density turf would be having more yarn content. It would be relatively more expensive. If you are not able to afford a really dense turf, you could boost the performance and longevity of the turf by using sand infill.Dense turfs are known for their aesthetic appeal and they could prove to be pretty long-lasting and just right for heavy-traffic areas.

The weight of the artificial grass would be a prime concern if you are installing it on your rooftop or balcony. You must then opt for a lighter weight turf so that the rooftop and balcony weight limitations are not flouted.

Infill and Backing: Artificial grass would look nice and lush provided it is in-filled. Infill is needed to keep the artificial grass springy.  Sand and rubber crumb are infill materials that are pretty much in demand. You may choose either of them as per your budget and preference.

Turf would have a proper backing made of latex or polyurethane. Latex has the ability to expand and shrink but polyurethane does not contract. So polyurethane backing would prove to be a better choice in places where one experiences drastic weather changes.

Color: Artificial grass comes in different shades of green like lime green, olive green, dark green etc. Avoid turf that looks uniformly green. Opt for a turf with imperfections and uneven tone. It should have different shades of green along with a few brown flecks for creating a more natural look.


Artificial grass needs proper grooming and regular maintenance for extending its life and keeping it looking fresh and natural. Installing artificial grass could be expensive, so you must choose with a lot of care. Enjoy your lush green lovely lawn, which requires minimum maintenance.


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