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Tips for Choosing the Right Ballroom Dance Shoes


If you have taken several ballroom dance lessons, then you know that choosing the right dance shoes is imperative. A pair of dance shoes made from high quality materials will allow you to learn how to dance comfortably.

Here are some tips that will come in handy when choosing dance shoes:

Choose the Right Fit

When you try on a pair of dance shoes for the first time, you should ensure that they fit snugly, but without pressure. This way, your shoes will be comfy even before you break them in. Make sure that you choose a shoe that is half or full size down from your regular shoe size.

Heel Height

For ballroom and Latin dances, the heel height ranges from 1.5 to 3 inches. As a beginner, you should choose a height that you are comfortable with, especially if you are not accustomed to wearing heels. Dance shoe heels come in different shapes ranging from flared to slim.

If you want more stability as you dance, you should opt for a flared heel. If you are planning to take part in Latin and ballroom dance styles, a one-inch heel is sufficient. Just make sure that you move around when buying the shoe to know whether it is comfortable.

Closed vs. Open Toe

Open toed shoes are made for rhythm and Latin dances like rumba and salsa. The opening in the shoes makes it easier to point your toes as you dance and execute your footwork precisely. Closed toe shoes, on the other hand, are for standard dances such as the waltz and foxtrot.

Unless you have chosen the specific dance style that you want, you can choose any comfortable shoe as a beginner. Because you might be stepped on severely as you learn how to dance, you would be better off with closed toe shoes.

Suede Sole Shoe

For your dance shoes, a suede sole is recommended because it gives you traction and slip, allowing you to have more control as you dance. However, you need to use a wire shoe brush on your suede sole to keep it in top shape.

Buying Online vs. in Stores

Whether you are ordering your shoes online or in stores, you should first visit a dance store to try on several types. Because sizing varies from one brand to another, you should try to compare several brands, models, and sizes before choosing the right one for you. After knowing your size in a certain brand, you can order the shoe online.


The price of dance shoes varies depending on the quality and brand. For about $160, you can get a good pair of dance shoes. However, it is worth it to spend more money on good shoes, as they will last longer. When buying shoes online such as hip hop dance shoes at Just for Kix, you should know the price range beforehand.


To avoid spoiling your shoes prematurely, you should keep them moisture-free. Make sure that you buy shoe trees that will keep the shape of your shoes and absorb any moisture. If you are looking for something that will fight odor as well, you should buy cedar shoe trees. You should know that dance shoes do not last long because of constant use that causes wear and tear.

To extend the life of your dance shoes, you should consider buying more than one pair and rotating them between dance sessions. Doing so gives each pair time to dry before you wear it again. If you have suede dance shoes, you should never wear them outdoors because the material is delicate.

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