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A look at the top 10 best wines around the world – review


Each and every time a wine bottle is opened and it offers us a thrill, most people tend to offer a silent thank you to the people who tirelessly labored on the vine. The people that pruned it diligently, picked the fruit, hauled hard, stirred it and schlepped the wine are often neglected. Good wine does not have to be old or expensive and this will be clearly shown by the list below of some of the best wines in the world. However, a majority of these top wines have their origins in the best beautiful places in the world. Take a tour with me as we review the top of wine in the world.


Red wine pouring into wine glass, close-up
Red wine pouring into wine glass, close-up

How to identify top wine in the world

Good wine does not necessarily have to be expensive in pricing or old in age as earlier mentioned. The general rules of tasting are a good place to start when identifying good wine i.e. swirl it, sniff the wine and then sip. However, there are many other aspects that need to be considered as well to determine the top of wine in the world. The following are factors to look at when deciding if a wine is worthy of your money and taste buds:

Check out the backside 
It is always advisable to read more information about the wine on the back labels. This is because the front labels are usually enticing and misleading in most cases. The backside may contain clues with regard to flavors, fruits, importers, the aging process and the region it comes from. Look out for reviews or stamps of approval if any.

Scent of attraction
Swirl then sniff the wine. Observe if it has the slender line of liquid that usually drip slowly on the sides of the glass called legs. Legs are a good indication of a wine’s alcohol content. The general rule is that the more you can smell from a wine, the better it tastes.

Use your tongue 
Let the wine move around your tongue, use your taste buds to determine the number of different flavors in it. The more one can test, the more complex the wine is. If the flavors stay on your tongue for some time then the wine is good. A balanced and complex wine has flavors that dance across the tongue and leaves you with a lingering taste.

Gets its digits 
D your homework, know the favorite regions which are the best beautiful places in the world and know your years. Generally, whites can be enjoyed for 1-2 years after bottling while reds are 2-3 years.

List of the best wine in the world


The following are the top of wine in the world that are produced only in the best beautiful places in the world:

2010 Yangarra E High Sands Grenache
This wine is of Australian origin and is quite compelling, both in story and taste. It is carefully crafted one spot lonesome plot located on the ancient vine Grenache. This vine dates all the way back to the year 1946. This wine exhibits sour cherry that has been over dried on the nose. The wine is silky but far from simple.

2010 Marques de Riscal Rioja
This wine is living proof that Rioja region is definitely an ultra-premium wine production area. It is more like spice that is decadent on the nose that is sufficiently complimented by a texture that is satiny and is topped off with a magnificent structure. The dried tobacco, cherry, dark chocolate and forest notes are very sublime. It is perfect with roasted lamb.

2003 Tenute S Nardi Brunello di Montalcino
This excellent wine is a 2003 vintage that is top of its range. It can be described as simultaneously voluptouos and scrappy. It has seriousness and weight but dancing fruit as well.

2012 Aia Vecchia Lagone Toscana IGT
This wine is a unique blend of cabernet sauvignon, cabernet franc and merlot. It originates from Bolgheri region in Tuscany. It is a happy wine that is filled with black cherry, spice over vanilla and dried herbs.

Cowhorn V Spiral 36 Southern Oregon
It is a beguiling blend of rousanne, marsanne and viognier. This blend yields a succulent and ripe wine which has notes of lemon cream and hazelnuts. It has tropical fruits for the palate which have excellent acidity just to keep things interesting. It is made from Stellar Certified Organic and Demeter Certified Biodynamic vineyards. Its aging is just superb as well.

2011 Sauvia LeRive Bianco Veronese
It is a white wine that is lush and juicy with peach notes, exotic fruits, mineral threads and cardamom. It is made from Garganega grapes that are totally over-ripe. It has residual sugar in it which is not cloying as it is obscured by its excellent natural acidity. It is suitable with pepperoni pizza that is spicy.

2012 Buty R of the Stones, Rockgarden Estate
Buty was a renowned winery and among the very first ones to be established in the state of Washington. It is an interesting combination of cabernet sauvignon and syrah. It is carefully cultivated from in the famous Walla Walla appellation from organic grapes that are certified. This good wine has lacy lavender notes that have been folded into dark cherry notes and rich earth. It is just pure elegance contained in a glass characterized by a supple texture, richness and complexity.

2011 Don M Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon
This wine is from Chile, it can be best described as an emblematic wine. It is named after the founder of the Concha Toro winery i.e. Don Melchor. It has a French Bordeaux kind of style which is both fragrant with mocha and black cherry and intense on the palate. Its tannins are precise and well sculptured to give it an invaluable taste. It can tolerate a decade of aging.

2010 Fasi C Syrah, Private Reserve
This is a silky wine that is totally made of organic grapes. It originates a region in California called Madera. The vineyards there enjoy a cooling effect from the Joaquin River and this positively influences the grapes as it keeps the blackberry fruit ripe, elegant and fresh. It has lovely tobacco and anise notes. This wine is both complex and rich for a long lasting freshness.

1994 Taylor F. Vintage Port
Producers and growers all over the globe have declared this wine as being among the best of the previous century.

The above insightful information about the top wines in the world will help you in selecting a worthy bottle next time you have an important date and have to impress.

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