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Top 10 DIY Birthday Gifts For Your Dad


Dads are notoriously difficult to buy for. They have a tendency to seem disinterested if you ask them what they want then seem underwhelmed when you give them socks and brandy again. Luckily, many Dads enjoy DIY in the shed which offers lots of potential present ideas. With that in mind here is a list of our top ten ideas to surprise Dad with on his birthday.

Socket Set

Tightening and loosening nuts and screws is made much easier with a high quality socket set. Never again will your Dad have to bodge it with an adjustable wrench because he hasn’t got quite the right sized spanner and the ratchet mechanism saves countless hours of turning.

Measuring Tools

Precision is key to ensuring a good finish and good measuring tools allow you to measure accurately. From solid steel set squares to calipers and dial gauges, if you can think of something to measure there’s a tool for measuring at suppliers such as Bearing Boys it so there’s sure to be something your Dad could use that he hasn’t already got.

Cordless Multi-tool

The Swiss Army Knife of cordless tools. It can drill, sand, screw, grind and probably mix up a smoothie if you can just find the right attachment.

Swiss Army Knife

Speaking of Swiss Army Knives one of those should be on your list too. Even the basic “Escort” model has six functions including a screwdriver, blade, nail file, keyring, tweezers and toothpick whilst the “Work Champ XL” packs an amazing 29 gadgets into it’s small size.


Nothing shows the world that you know where your hammer is more than a toolbelt. Especially if you choose one with a hammer holder. Unleash your father’s inner Batman with a selection of pouches and holsters.  Alternatively treat him to a tool jacket to keep him warm as he works.


For larger tools or when you need more than you can strap to yourself a toolbag is invaluable. Canvas bags can cope with long tools whilst a tool backpack could be useful if the shed is at the very very end of the garden.


Back in the shed your Dad will find a workbench useful when working on his Top Secret Projects. They provide a hardwearing, level, stable surface to use tools on and a safe space for half-finished work. They can come with metal or wooden tops and some have cupboards to store tools or adhesives.

Magnifying Glass

For many jobs it’s very useful to be able to zoom in on what you are doing but you might need to be a bit careful about how you present it to your father. You don’t want him thinking you’ve noticed his eyesight is failing!

Work Boots

Whether mowing the lawn, painting the spare room or on a building site it only takes a second to drop something onto your foot. Proper work boots can protect against injury, insulate against heat and cold, prevent electric shock and keep your feet dry when it rains. Available in a variety of styles, they can look as little or as much like builder’s boots as you fancy.

Air Compressor

If you want to really treat Dad get him an air compressor and a selection of tools. Not just for nail guns or nuts you can use them to spray paint, as a pressure washer to wash the car or blast the patio or to provide a blast of directed air anywhere a broom can’t reach.


Plus you can keep buying new tools for it every year so you’ll never be stuck for a present again!


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