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Top 10 Must Haves You Need for Traveling

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Traveling always brings about a vibe of excitement about it, whether it is for business or leisure purposes. Individuals often save up money all year round to be able to afford a relaxing vacation by the end of the year, and start preparing for it well before departure.

However, there are some items you must have in your luggage and handbags without which your travel will be full of difficulties, and that is an inconvenience nobody would prefer going through. This list of essential items is as follows.


1. Identity Documents

Identity Documents

Identification certainly does begin with your passport, but it does not end there. Many countries have immigration offices which are very strict as far as ID documents are concerned, and they lay out their needs quite clearly on their websites and to the travel agents sending flights to their countries.

If you forget to take any such document including your domestic identity card, visa documents, business appointments etc. you might be caught in some legal checks which will take you hours to get through. Get informed about the items you need and grab them with a prioritized mindset.

2. Scratch map

Scratch map

As a frequent and leisure traveler, your use for scratch maps might be as fulfilling as they come. Travel maps made under this technology allow you to keep a very sufficient record of every place you have been through so that as a frequent traveler, you do not tend to make the mistake of going to a place you have already been to again (unless of course that is your primary destination).

Scratch maps are not only convenient, they also add a lot to your overall satisfaction as a traveler and contribute incredibly to your traveling catalog.

3. Tagged Bags

Tagged Bags

It is needless to say that you need to carry your luggage along with you, but for the sake of increased safety of your luggage it is best to have name tags attached to the bags. Airport securities often find it very difficult to discharge luggage even after ensuring their level best that no baggage remains unattended, so it is fair enough to take this precaution yourself.

Use a tag material which will not easily come off of your bag so that in the case of a mishap you can easily locate your belonging.

4. Multi-Purpose Clothes


This term is quite easy to explain; carry those clothes along with you which you can wear outside without looking homeless and can very well sleep in with minimal discomfort. This means that packing loads of dress pants, tight tees etc. are not wise because it will take up a lot of your luggage space.

Baggy jeans and tops, formal sweats and trousers etc. are examples of clothes that you should take along with you so that you can use them multiple times and on several occasions.

5. Electronics


These gadgets hold their portion of significance because a trip without them is certainly incomplete. Tourists are often noted taking pictures of monuments which are part of everyday life for the locals, but not for them. As a tourist you will be tempted to do so with your cell-phone and camera, and it is not wise to invest in a new one if you have them back home.

Try to give preference to carrying your laptop too so that any work-related emergency can also be dealt with.


6. Currency


Even if you operate mostly on ATMs and credit cards, it is important to note that foreign interface of several banks and financial institutions might not be as effective as it is in your country. While traveling you will be spending a lot more than you expect to, so it is necessary to have loose cash in your hand bag and wallet so that any instant need can be addressed.

Travel agents also advise on carrying your own local currency too so that any conversions can be made in states of emergencies.

7. Medicine Kit


Regardless of whether your travel is very time consuming or will only last for a couple of hours, it is important to have a medicine kit with you at all times. You never know when you might need common medicines like aspirin on board or while you are on the highway to a particular city.

If you have specific allergies or take medication regularly, do not make the mistake of leaving behind your kit because medicine standards, brands etc. may all differ in the place where you are traveling.

8. All-Purpose Handbag

All-Purpose Handbag

A hand carry bag is not for the bulk of your items; it should be with you so that you can keep any instant purchases, your documents, your cell-phone etc. as close to you as possible. Throughout the course of traveling you will certainly need instant access to most of these things, and it is a dire inconvenience to go on opening bags for every little need.

Travel bags which are roughly the size of school bags can be very important in these scenarios.

9. Extra Shoes


While it is important that you do not devote a massive portion of your luggage to shoes, you should not travel without an extra pair under your belt. In the case of an unfortunate event where your shoe/sandal might tear up, you cannot find an instant cobbler to get the job done, and neither can you walk bare feet all the way through.

The only solution is to carry an extra pair in your bags which you can turn to in times of need.

10. Toiletries and Cosmetics

Toiletries and Cosmetics 2

Airports impose restrictions on carrying liquids which are flammable because of the delicate design of air-crafts, but that does not mean you say no to all cosmetics and toiletries. An essential part of traveling is staying fresh, without which you cannot fully enjoy the thrill traveling will bring.


Basic items like toothbrush, a small deodorant bottle, a mini-make up kit etc. should always be with you so that you can look and feel as active as you should.

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