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Top 5 Steam Irons to Buy this New Year


As the year begins, it is time to open a new chapter in our lives. It is time to make new beginnings and you can never be wrong with a better steam iron. This is your year to shine and to stand out and for you to do so, you need to be neat. Here are the top 5 irons to buy this New Year.

Black and Decker 2030

What can be better than a digital iron that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg? You have it in the B&D2030. This is one of the best-selling irons because it combines great performance and great features while still costing less than $50. It is an iron that is made with an emphasis on the comfort of the user and as such, you will find that it is designed with ergonomic features. It has a comfort handle that fits nicely in the hand and has easy to reach buttons.

It has a digital LCD display that allows precision in the choice of temperature, fabric setting, and steam level. It takes away the guess work so you that it can produce only professional results.

With 1500 watts of power, this iron gets hot enough to handle any job. This coupled with a heavy stainless steel sole plate makes this iron one of the best irons under the $50 mark.

T-fal FV4495

Who said that you can’t get a good iron if you are on a tight budget? The T- fal FV4495 costs just slightly over $30 and has some features that are only found in irons costing close to $100. For example, this iron has 1725 watts of power and a powerful burst of steam at 100g/min. Such power can melt any stubborn creases.

This iron is unique because it has a premium ceramic soleplate that is scratch resistant and is non-stick. It has one of the longest cords among steam irons reaching 12 feet long.

Rowenta DW5080

This iron seems to be in the good books of just every user. It is one of the highest-rated irons on major E-commerce websites. Many users have praised it for its stunning performance thanks to the premium steam distribution technology employed by Rowenta. It has 400 micro steam holes evenly distributed on its soleplate that provides effective steam distribution.

It has an auto steam feature that matches steam generation with the temperature of the soleplate allowing efficiency. Being powered by 1700 watts of electricity, this iron gets hot in the shortest time possible and produces excellent results.

Rowenta DW9081 Steamium

This is a premium German made steam iron that is one of the best irons you could ever buy. Not only is it good looking, it is a high power iron. At 1800 watts, it heats up in just a matter of seconds and attains very high temperatures. Its most noteworthy feature is the steam pump technology that delivers 30% more steam into fabrics than any other iron. And as you can guess, it produces more than stellar results. It has a LED display and 400 micro steam holes for steam distribution.

Rowenta DG8520

It is not for nothing that this is an iron that is on many people’s wish list; steam generator irons are the best irons you could ever lay your hands on. The Rowenta DG8520 is in a class of its own. It is an iron that will baffle you with an excellent generation of high-pressure steam. This makes ironing very fast and effortless.

With 5 bars of pressure, you will get the best possible results for vertical steaming.

The best deal is that it has a removable extra-large tank of 47 oz. that give one and a half hours of continuous ironing time without requiring a refill. It gives three times more steam than a conventional iron and combines it with 1750 watts of power making it one of the most formidable irons in the market today.


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