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Transform your living room during winter with these makeover tips

Winter is an opportunity to give your home a makeover, and which better room to start with than the living room, a part of the home where most people go to relax. With a bit of creativity and careful planning, you can transform your living room into a comfortable haven perfect for the winter months. Here are a few ways in which you can give your living room a winter makeover:

  1. Insulation: make sure your windows are properly insulated and cold air is not sneaking into your living room. Not having proper insulation can cost you a lot through the increased use of heaters. Proper insulation will also protect your pipes from breaking in the cold weather. Not only will you save money by insulating your windows but you will also not waste your heating. If you plan correctly, you can check the insulation for all the windows across your home. Make sure any drafts are sealed and install storm windows and doors to avoid drafts. You can also get weather stripping installed around doors and windows to improve insulation. The better insulated your living room will be, the more warm and inviting it will be in the winter.
  2. Fireplace and heating: If your living room has a fireplace, you can prepare it for use in winter by having the chimney checked and cleaned professionally before it becomes too cold outside. You also need to have your heating system checked before the arrival of winter. This means having your vents vacuumed and checking any other heating components. If your furnace has a filter, you need to check if it has to be replaced.
  3. Candles: As the days become shorter, darker and colder, there is nothing quite as comforting as lighting lots of candles. You can pick from different sizes such as small tea lights or larger pillar candles and you can either have scented or unscented candles. If you prefer giving your living room a lovely scent then the list of choices is endless. Some of the most popular scents are vanilla, cinnamon, clove and even orange. A living room full of candles will make it look more inviting in the winter months.
  4. Pillows and throws: Adding plenty of big pillows onto your sofas and armchairs will give the room a warm feeling. Lots of pillows give the living room a cuddly feel and your sofa will feel a lot more inviting to your guests when they have a few pillows to sink into. An additional tip would be to choose white pillows as this color would brighten up a living room on a dull winter’s evening as it catches the light really well. A cream colored carpet will also give the living room a luxurious feel while a few accessories in contrasting colors will add to the festive feel.
  5. Decor: Hang a wreath on the mantelpiece in your living room or on any wall in the room to instantly give it a festive look. You could also add a number of accessories across the living room in festive shades of red, gold and green to brighten up the atmosphere. A few red pillows, a gold wreath or a green candle burner will all bring something festive to the room. Using heavy curtains will also add plenty of warmth to your living room. You can also add a few photos or paintings of scenes of winter and if you have a bookshelf then replace all the books with hardcovers to make the room look like a cozy library.
  6. Think outside the box: If you want to make your living room really cozy on a cold, winter’s evening, you can make it into a temporary bedroom. This would work well if you have a fireplace and large sofas in the room. Simply warm up the room, and settle into your makeshift bed complete with your bedroom accessories such as duvet cover sets and plenty of pillows. If you have a television in the living room along with plenty of candles and popcorn, it will be great for a movie night where the whole family can get involved.


Just because the days are getting shorter, darker and colder doesn’t mean you can’t make your living room into an inviting haven that welcomes you every day, even in the winter months. You should also consider comfortable recliners for sleeping which helps to increase blood circulation. Use these tips to transform your living room into a beautiful retreat in the winter months.

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