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Travel Destinations You’ll Want To See in 2017


While you can certainly spend thousands of dollars on flights and accommodation if you want to, knowing a few tricks and spending an hour searching for special deals can place an international holiday within the reach of almost anyone. Travel often leads to unforgettable experiences and seeing sights which others will witness only on television – if this sounds like something you’d like to pursue, read on to find out more about some lesser-known destinations.

Naxos and Milos, Greece


Although Santorini is the most popular tourist destination in Greece, the entire country offers landscapes and adventures not to be found anywhere else. Instead of splurging on an expensive hotel, spend money on a DSLR camera instead, because you will kick yourself if you cannot bring back some of the views you’ll see to friends and family. Milos has several beautifully pristine beaches, while wandering around Naxos will make you wonder what century you’re in.

Koh Samui, Thailand

Koh Samui, Thailand

While most people associate a holiday in Thailand with cities such as Bangkok and Phuket, Samui island is only just beginning to receive recognition for it’s tourist potential. Whether you plan to stay in a simple beachside bungalow or a five-star hotel, this destination offers beautiful beaches, cosmopolitan nightlife and exquisite local cuisine. You can also try activities ranging from elephant riding to scuba diving.

Margaret River, Australia

Margaret River, Australia

If you feel that Byron Bay is too crowded and commercialized, you can check out Margaret River instead. In this area, you’ll find great surfing, adventure tours in the forest, scuba diving and more. The town itself is known for its artesanal industries, from craft breweries to small, top-notch restaurants.

AIacati, Turkey

AIacati, Turkey

Though still little known outside the country, Alacati is where wealthy Turks like to spend their holidays. Set in some terrific natural scenery on the Aegean coast, the town reflects its historic origins through its stone houses and cobblestoned streets. It is one of the best windsurfing destinations in the world, while the nearby wine-producing regions near Izmir and Urla are worth a day trip.

Slovenia, Europe

Soca River running through Kanal, Slovenia, Europe, European Union

From dramatic mountain passes and dense forests to medieval castles and modern cities, Slovenia is still one of the cheaper European countries to visit. If you love outdoor activities, beautiful architecture and good food, this country is well worth considering as a vacation spot.

Essaouira, Morocco

Essaouira, Morocco

Celebrities such as Mick Jagger, Maria Callas, and Jimi Hendrix were guests in this small African town during the ’60s, as it offers an exotic charm you won’t find anywhere else. If the crowded streets and markets of  Marrakech are a little too much for you, this place with its winding alleys and fusion of Berber and European influences is an excellent destination for surfers and photographers.


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A holiday in Paris or New York might be all you desire, but looking off the beaten track can yield unexpected rewards. Reading up about these undiscovered jewels will teach you about attractions you would never have expected, while visiting them is often cheaper than you’d expect.

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