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Vapes on a Plane: Travelling with your E-Cig


Vapour cigarettes have been out for a significant period of time, so it is safe to say that they have now become a societal norm with many people using these devices to help aid them to quit smoking. Where vaping becomes a grey area, though, is when you decide to take it abroad with you. We’re all aware that nobody is permitted smoke on a plane, and rightfully so, but does the same apply for vaping? After all, the vapour they emit doesn’t pose a threat to anyone else.

Here is a useful guide for all the do’s and don’ts when it comes to taking your e-cigarette abroad with you – don’t be caught out just because you’re not familiar with the laws as it could spell trouble for you!

Do – Properly package your e-liquids
Just like your shampoos and conditioners, your e-liquids will be subjecting to checks at customs. Make sure that you separate your e-liquids from the cartomisers and package the two up in separate see-through bags, that way you won’t have to waste time at customs and you will avoid thorough checks.

Don’t – Use your e-cig on the plane
Unfortunately, due to stricter regulations, it is now illegal to use your e-cigarette on a plane for several reasons. Use of an e-cig on a plane could set of the smoke detectors within the cabin and cause a great deal of distress to your fellow passengers, so it simply isn’t worth the hassle. Even if the brand of e-cig you use doesn’t emit any vapour at all, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Do – Take spares
We all know the grief of breaking something in your e-cig and having to go the whole day without being able to use it, well on holiday this will be worse as you’ll have to go the whole trip without the use of your e-cig! Taking spare parts is always a good idea so you won’t have to worry about buying expensive replacements while abroad.

Don’t – Leave it in your hold luggage
When taking your e-cig on holiday, make sure that it comes with you into the cabin in your hand luggage as opposed to in the hold below. E-cigarettes aren’t allowed into hold luggage because of the recent occurrence of improperly maintained e-cigs overheating, and even exploding in some rare cases, which could be disastrous in a pressurised cabin on a plane. The e-cig needs to remain in the luggage rack of your carry-on bag for the duration of the flight, you are not permitted to use it at any point.

Do – Research the country you are heading to
Some countries, such as Singapore, have a ban on vaping and you will have your e-cig taken from you at customs if you are discovered to have one in your possession. Do your research before you book your holidays to find out what that countries stance is on vaping, then either don’t take your e-cig there, or if you can’t live without it for a week – go somewhere else!

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