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Velvet In Vogue- A Tale Of A Gorgeous Fabric


Popular trend of the earlier time, velvet has made a great comeback in the fashion world these days. With the great vibe and shine, this fabric is now at the peak of the present fashion cycle.

Initially chosen as a winter fabric, velvet is highly well known for the versatility offered. But soon it became an integral part of fashion and designed in such a way so that it can be worn throughout the year. Apart from being used a highly desired fabric to create different types of ensembles, these days, velvet is also used as a specific element in any outfit or as part of the detailing of an ensemble on which the zari and zardousi works come alive. This thing makes it perfectly suitable for bridal and couture wear.

Velvet- a fashion trend:

Velvet is a shiny, rich fabric, which is seen in Hollywood in the recent times. In fact, being one of the most luxurious materials, this fabric has created a great impact on the international runways while adding a great touch of fluidity to the ensembles. Quite a number of international celebrities have been seen flaunting this fabric. Due to this high demand, this fabric is now available in a range of bright and bold shades like royal blue, burnt orange, deep read and parakeet green. At the same time, to keep up with the ever increasing demand, this fabric is now being used to create different types of attires like dresses, jumpsuits, evening gowns, crop tops, midis and even beautiful looking blazers as per the style quotient of the wearers.

Emergence of velvet in Indian fashion scene:

Velvet mainly speaks of fineness, elegance along with a dash of nostalgia and it also emanates elan like no other fabric. The trend of velvet is mainly catapulted from different fashion weeks across the globe, but therefore this style has adopted by the Indian fashion designers in the most beautiful and unexpected manner. For instance, leading designers like Manish Malhotra and Sabyasachi Mukherjee have showcased this style in the most beautiful manner in the recent time. Usually, most of the trends created in the fashion world go well over the heads of common people. But velvet is one such fabric, which made the presence felt everywhere.

But the Bollywood celebrities are far ahead the race and they have been wearing this fabric for years on a regular basis. This trend of velvet has come a really long way with the velvet lahengas, salwar suits, skirts, kurtis, blouses, crop tops, dresses and even with shrugs. Till now, velvet is highly preferred by the Indian designers and therefore a number of designers have added this fabric to their most updated collections.

So, whether it’s Manish Malhotra’s Bardot blouse, Sophie Choudhary’s lahenga or Masaba Gupta Mantena’s velvet-bordered sari, velvet can be the ideal match for a lavish event of your life. One of the best things about velvet is that it has a vintage feel and therefore it has become a fashion trend again.

Some tips to wear velvet outfits perfectly:

So, if you are a fan of velvet and want to consider this fabric for your wedding attire, then here are the dos and don’ts of wearing this fabric:

  • A common colored designer velvet blouse is a must in every wardrobe as this can be paired with different types of sarees
  • Being a rich fabric itself, velvet needs less accessorizing. So, keep things minimal
  • Wear only a single piece of velvet at a time. There is no need to overdo things like pairing a velvet blouse with a velvet saree, a velvet trouser with a velvet shirt or a velvet kameez with a velvet salwar.


  • Don’t overdo the makeup.
  • While wearing velvet, avoid shades like brown, grey and other pale colors
  • Never feel afraid to flaunt the velvets as people will always question the trends
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