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What’s the Best Protection for Outdoor Wood Furniture


Outdoor furniture is an important aspect of your outside space, so you want to make sure that it remains in good condition. Doing so means you have great looking furniture to use when you are relaxing in the garden or entertaining visitors.

You can seek professional help with protecting your outdoor furniture, from experts such as But there are also certain actions that you can take, to help protect your furniture.

Choose a finish that suits the environment

You need to choose a finish that is suitable for giving your furniture the highest level of protection. For instance, paint is a good choice of finish if you want to protect your furniture from damaging UV rays. You first need to apply a primer then a layer of latex or oil-based paint. Doing so is the best bay of keeping your outdoor furniture protected.

If you would rather keep the original wood look of the furniture, you may want to consider using varnish instead. This offers a good level of protection while helping you to maintain the original look of the furniture.

When adding finish to your outdoor furniture, make sure that you cover all of the furniture effectively. This includes all joints. If you are not careful with the application of the finish, the furniture could be exposed to the elements.

Make sure that furniture is sanded before a finish is applied

Before applying any finish to your outdoor furniture, you need to ensure that it’s sanded down to the bare wood. Doing this helps the primer adhere to the wood, before you apply the finish.

Think about using a water sealer

If you live in area where there is likely to be a lot of rainfall, you may need to give further protection to your outdoor furniture. One of the best ways of doing this is to add a water sealer to the furniture. The sealer helps to stop water getting through to the finish you have chosen, which means that the furniture is better protected.

Place furniture in the right place

Covering your outdoor furniture with a finish is not the only thing you need to do in order to protect it. You also need to think about where the furniture is positioned in your outdoor space. If you can, it’s best to place the furniture in an area which is covered. If this is not possible, you should at least place the furniture in the most sheltered area of the garden where it’s best protected from the weather.

Using all of the tips we have given you in this article should help you protect your outdoor furniture. Giving furniture this protection means it’s likely to last for longer, giving you access to the furniture you have invested in for several years. It’s worth taking the time, and investing the money, to protect outdoor furniture as this saves you from having to spend money on buying new furniture on a regular basis.

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