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How To Write An Analogy Essay – A Simple Guide


An analogy essay is an essay written to compare two items that are not related. The author has the obligation of analyzing the topics in depth in order to come up with elements that can be found in both items. The analyzation of one item should be deep and in comparison to the other item. The main reason for writing analogy essays is to explain to the reader the deep details of a particular topic and the manner in which they relate to another subject. It is written in a design that comes up with detailed information that cannot be found in other types of essays that discuss the general topic.

When coming up with an analogy topic, one should first understand that its structure is made up of two subjects. One of the subjects is the explainer and can be termed as the second subject. As well, the other subject is the one being explained and is the first subject. The author should focus on topics that they have information about to ensure that the opponent does not challenge the resemblances that they have pointed out. Below are some examples of possible topics that can be used to analogy essays.

  • Politics is like a religion
  • Freedom is like a dream
  • Poverty is like slavery
  • Music is like life
  • Stealing is like prostitution

According to the format of analogy essay includes the title, introduction, differences, resemblances and a conclusion. In the section of the title, the author has to write the topic of the essay. This topic has to be one item being compared to another one. The topic is like a smile whereby the item of focus should be the first focus, the verb “is” is capitalized while the preposition “like” is not capitalized.

In the introduction part, the writer introduces the issue at hand by giving its status with respect to court cases, headlines or even recent events. The introduction ends with the analogy statement which gives a short representation of the manner in which the main subject is related to the second subject.

Regarding the section of differences should not be very elaborate because it is not the main focus of the essay. Therefore, it should not go into many details, does not make up most of the essay, can be written in one paragraph and should not be so long as the resemblance section. Hence, the author should just mention the minor difference and give a brief description that can be an acknowledgment, a grant or concede.

In addition to the differences section, the author has to admit the differences because its help in showing that one has done a thorough research regarding the idea, admitted the other side, addressed its vulnerability and has nothing to hide regarding the topic. This makes sure that the opponent is not in a position to challenge the author because the writer has already pointed out the key issues and discussed them in depth.

The resemblance section is the key part of the essay and should, therefore, contain deep details regarding the topic as much as possible. The common elements between the two topics are the purposes of the essay. They are also more relevant as compared to the differences. When writing about the resemblances, the most important one among them should be written last. The format includes naming of the resemblance, explaining it, illustrating how it relates the subjects and giving its reiteration. In the illustration section, the main subject will always come first then followed by the second subject.

The conclusion of an analogy essay is written by mentioning the thesis statement and the resemblances. Just like any other paper, the conclusion is made to summarize what the essay was all about and should, therefore, focus on proofing the point that was intended to be brought forward to the reader. It should focus on how the second subject relates to the first one.

Once the essay is done, it is good to proofread it in order to eliminate any possible grammar mistakes and edit where necessary. The author should incorporate the use of transition words so that the points that they are pointing out can run smoothly from one point to the other. As a result, this makes it easy for the reader to understand the essay easily. As well, the repetition of words should be avoided as much as possible to prevent the essay from sounding too obvious to understand.

Analogy essays are one of the most technical essays to write because they require a lot of knowledge regarding the two subjects and the manner in which they relate to one another. Otherwise, without such information, it would be difficult to write the essay. As well, it is important to follow the format from the choice of the topic, to the arrangement of the paragraphs and the conclusion part.

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