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This Year’s White Party is a Winner


As we fully move into spring, with the promise of summer only round the corner, you might be wondering how you can bring your clothing collection into the new season successfully. After all, spring and summer are the perfect months of the year for experimenting with different designs and using some of the most beautiful colours out there. As we begin to put away our winter jumpers and instead opt for lighter, brighter choices within our collection, there might be a guaranteed winner amongst it all.

While we all love implementing shades of blue, purple and yellow as the season allows for a brighter range of colours, there is one shade that remains versatile and can be used with every other shade in your existing collection. What is that colour? Influence Fashion give you a guide on one of the most successful shades of the summer.

Dazzling White


White is a colour that isn’t often embraced through the winter, as we choose navy, dark green and even black (everyone’s go-to). However, now the sun is beginning to show its face a little more, it’s time to make a change. While we are told that lighter colours are actually helpful in the sun, as they reflect the light and heat, they also look much more appealing than darker colours.

A colour in fashion that can be deemed as sophisticated and contemporary, white could well be your new go-to shade from spring until autumn begins to settle in. Whether it’s a dazzling, bright white, or a slight off-white such as cream or beige, the options are endless. Instantly lightening up any ensemble, opting for white clothing can transform your look. So, whether you’re heading to a white party this summer or not, how should you wear the ultimate summer shade?

Wearing White


White may seem like a brave colour to wear out and about, especially since it is prone to showing up even the smallest of marks, but its chic appearance overcomes that fear tenfold. One of the easiest ways to incorporate this colour into your collection is to update your denim; still very wearable and already a timeless piece of clothing, white jeans are the ultimate summer accessory.

Whether you’re looking for a smart option for the summer months, or everyday wear, white clothing can accommodate a number of different styles. From crisp shirts with a feminine twist, to basic vests and frill cami tops, white creates a striking appearance. Teamed with other popular summery designs such as the cold shoulder, you can create a clothing collection that’s ready for the sun.

Accessorising with White

How you style your white clothing can also have a huge impact; after all, if you’re trying to create a summer look, then any accessories should be in line with a similar theme. For example, teaming a chunky pair of black heels with a white ensemble may not look great, but tan heels or a blush-coloured clutch bag might offset the whole look perfectly.

To wear white successfully this season, consider loose-fitting blouses or sleeveless vests to match the increase in temperature as we come into summer. So, if you’re looking to complete your clothing collection this summer, consider including some striking white designs for that lift in colour!


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