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How to Clean a New House Before You Move In


If you’re moving into a new home, your first instinct is probably to clean it completely before you actually move in. in this case, you should definitely listen to your gut-feeling. Even if you’re moving to another city – or another state for that matter – you should take some time to give your new…

Smart Solutions for Window Cleaning Problems


Here’s a tip that the pros use to keep their windows street free and ultra clean. The real key to those clean windows is using a squeegee with a soft and smooth rubber edge. Another option is to use newspaper that has been crumbled up into small pieces. A 1-inch strip should be dried at…

4 Reasons to Stock Up on Baking Soda Today


Sodium bicarbonate – a.k.a. baking soda – is a must-use ingredient when baking goodies as it helps them to rise. But if you thought that that’s all it’s good for, you thought wrong! Many of you may have heard about the various uses of vinegar and lemon in home cleaning, but if you haven’t thrown…

5 Helpful Cleaning Tips for Lazy People


Cleaning our home for is a simple task, but not when laziness strikes. There are days that we are not in the mood to clean and do our house chores. But, even though we are too lazy to move, we are still worried and uncomfortable of the mess in our surrounding. The truth is, if…