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Traditional Spine Surgery Versus Robotic Spine Surgery – Details You Cannot Ignore!

Spine Surgery

When traditional treatment for spine and back pain fails, it is essential for you to consult your doctor and opt for spine surgery. The thought of spine surgery is enough to scare you as it entails hospital stays and a recovery time once the surgery is done. However, opting for a spine is no choice for you as the spine and back pain you suffer from hampers your daily routine and life.

Discuss with your doctor

When it comes to spine surgeries in New Jersey, you will find that most doctors are recommending you to go in for the Robotic Spine Surgery. This operation is advanced and is a breakthrough in the medical industry. It is safer and entails lesser risks over traditional surgery. That is why it is recommended to many patients that suffer from severe back or spine pain and discomfort.

Robotic spine surgery versus traditional spine surgery

When it comes to conventional spine surgery, your doctor needs to ensure that the screw is inserted in your spine in the correct location. Here, he or she will rely on your X-ray reports when it comes to inserting the screw. However, at times, the doctor needs to use his or her discretion and judgment to determine the right location of the screw in your spine. In this way, you face an element of risk as your X-ray report does not give your doctor a clear or a precise picture of the spine. The chances of misplacement are high, and there is no guarantee that the pain will go.

It is here that Robotic Spine Surgery in NJ and other places in the world work more precisely. This surgery helps the doctor place the screw in the spine precisely. That means there is lesser risk involved. Moreover, when you choose to opt for this spine surgery, you will find that there is no damage done to your nerves. You as the patient will face minor complications, and you do not have to increase the risks of radiation with frequent X-rays. You will find that you are healing well and recovering fast.

Before the surgery date, you should meet your doctor and ask him about the pros and cons of the surgery. You must be informed and educated about the whole procedure, and if you have doubts and concerns, it is prudent for you to clear them before the final date. Opting for surgery will alleviate the pain and pave the way to successful recovery gradually with time.

Therefore, if you face immense discomfort and pain in the spine region, it is essential for you to consult your doctor for a spine surgery. When it comes to Robotic Spine Surgery, it is available at limited locations, and specialized doctors perform it on their patients to precision. That means if you want to undergo a spine surgery that is safe and effective, opting for a Robotic Spine Surgery is a wise choice.


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